• We are a premium digital publisher of lifestyle content, with a focus in food, travel and culture.

About Us

Think Commerce Group (TCG) produces and monetizes digital lifestyle content for cross-platform audiences. Launched in June, 2012, our digital lifestyle content company focuses on three verticals: Food, Travel and Culture, with brands CelebrityChef.tv, CelebrityTravel.tv, TravelBIG.com and ThinkContra.com that reach approximately 10 million monthly users. TCG utilizes multiple platforms to reach targeted audiences and create opportunities for users, advertisers, premium publishers and merchants. Through rich editorial content and original video production, TCG is paving the way for online publishers.

Chefs are the new rockstars, restaurants the new Broadway

Chefs are the new Rockstars, restaurants the new Broadway, and CelebrityChef.tv is your ticket to a front row seat for every performance. We take you to meet the top chefs creating culinary works of art both inside and outside of their kitchens. Then, we show you how it’s done. Our easy-to-follow recipe videos will make you the star chef of your home. User-friendly insider city guides will help you find where to dine for any occasion. And for those who just want a good cup of coffee, we give you the guidance you need on where to go, what to order and how to ask for it. CelebrityChef.tv has something for everyone, from hardcore foodies to friends in search of a good meal, to those looking to be where the food action is, and even those who like to stay at home and be their own celebrity chef.

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Everyone should have a
BIG adventure

Whether you’re looking for your next relaxation destination or catching up with the latest in urban exploration, TravelBIG’s got you covered. We’re dedicated to creating content designed to let you see the world as a traveler, not a tourist. From exclusive videos to insight from seasoned globetrotters, we’re here to help map out your next BIG trip.TravelBIG reaches an audience that ranges from savvy explorers to leisure vacationers and everyone in between. We know what’s up with the latest hot spots. We’ve got the lowdown on the hidden gems. We’re here to spark your wanderlust and set a fire under your feet to get you moving.

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Without the Hollywood price tag

You don’t have to be a celebrity to travel like one. CelebrityTravel.tv is the aspiring jetsetter’s guide to globetrotting like the rich and famous. We find the hottest destinations on the map right now, and show you where A-listers dine, drink, relax and explore once the G-5 wheels touch down. Then, we take you there. You can share quarters with these celebrities, but on your budget. CelebrityTravel.tv follows your favorite stars around the globe so we can help you have the celebrity experience without the Hollywood price tag. Whether it’s a transcontinental trip, an exotic island getaway or a transatlantic voyage, we’ve got the scoop on how they would do it. Stop living vicariously through the celebrity set, and pack your bags. Our paparazzi-worthy travel style tips will help you look the part, too.

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Discover, Decide & Live

Think CONTRA both defines and follows cultural pioneers, giving readers a space to discover, decide and live. The current concepts, creative icons and emerging artists that catch the discerning CONTRA eye inspire us to think out loud with abandon. Our editorial team continuously shares fervent insight into fresh topics in fashion, music, art, literature and today’s culture, serving as a creative hub for an information-hungry generation. A conversational approach makes Think CONTRA an accessible window into the fashion, arts and culture scene for a wide range of ages.

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Research show that 78% of online adults watch videos, while this number jumps to 87% for online adults with household income of $75,000 or more. TCG is a leading digital content producer for advertisers, publishers and bloggers looking to target these households, expand their reach and maximize their revenue. TCG's cross-platform lifestyle content delivers high value media solutions, and can integrate your brand throughout our original content. For advertising opportunities, contact us at advertising@thinkcommercegroup.com.


Yoav Cohen Chairman / Co-Founder

Yoav Cohen is a strategic entrepreneur with a successful career in the digital media space. He co-founded video ad platform TVGenesis and is also Co-Founder of Genesis Media, the VC-funded firm behind a new ContentUnlock program used by premium publishers and advertisers. Prior to founding TCG, Yoav founded Date.ca, an online dating platform that he later sold to Spark Networks (JDate.com), where he became Head of Business Development. He also co-founded WOMAN.ca, the largest women’s lifestyle site in Canada, before selling to Transcontinental Media. Yoav is formerly of Israeli Air Force Intelligence.

Felipe Maria Operations

Felipe earned a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication from Florida International University and studied Music Production at Miami Dade College. Felipe brings years of experience in the entertainment industry as an audiovisual producer, having worked on advertising campaigns as well as TV shows. A few of his past clients include ESPN, Fox Sports, NASCAR, Discovery Channel, Mun2 and Univision.


Alexandra Delgado Editorial Director

Alexandra has been Editorial Director of Think Commerce Group since August 2013. She is a seasoned writer and editor with a focus on multimedia content development. Alexandra’s career in publishing began in the magazine industry, where she led a team of writers on both print and online platforms. Her strong social media background stems from working with a diverse list of marketing firms and online retailers in the music, fashion and events industries. Alexandra holds a BA in Editing, Writing and Media from Florida State University.

Aisling Rice Creative Associate

Aisling has been working as Creative Associate since graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media, Arts and Communication. Aisling has a passion for graphic and information design as well as everything food related. In her spare time you can find her experimenting in the kitchen, singing in the car and pursuing her love for travel and adventure.

Cody McGowan Editor

Cody is an editor at Think Commerce Group. He began his career in the editorial field at Broward College, where he was a staff writer and editor on the campus newspaper, The Observer. He holds a BA in Multimedia Studies from Florida Atlantic University. Cody spends his free time drinking beer and trying to grow a full beard.

Courtney Gilmour Editorial

Courtney is a Toronto-based writer and editor whose work has appeared in various digital and print publications, and probably the back of your chair in high school. She is known for her ability to create a near perfect plate of nachos and her inability to properly close a pizza box.

Lindsey Singer Editorial

Lindsey holds two BA's from the University of Pittsburgh in English Literature and Creative Writing. Though for now she is relatively grounded in The Steel City, her caustic case of wanderlust has taken her (and a backpack) to a few corners of planet Earth; her writing is primarily directed toward travel. Aside from punching at a some computer keys, she spends her time taking Polaroid pictures, making music, and planning rooftop picnics.

Roberto Garcia Editorial

Roberto is from Caracas, Venezuela but has been living in the U.S. from a young age. He recently graduated from Florida International University with a BA in International Relations and Political Science. He has been working at Think Commerce Group as an Editorial/Social Media intern and aspires to continue his career in writing and begin a Master’s program in the near future. Whenever he’s not writing you can find him hanging out with friends at bars and clubs or staying at hostels to meet new people.

Michele Butler Editorial

Michele is a University of Central Florida graduate with a degree in Creative Writing. Her various interests in travel, food and culture allow her to write for all Think Commerce Group brands. Michele spends her time hammering out jewelry, being hilarious on Facebook and giving riveting renditions of Hall & Oates songs in her car.

Jordan DeSantis Analytics

Jordan is entering his senior year at the University of Miami with a major in economics. Dividing his time between the editing and marketing analytics, he is excited to continue to gain valuable experience as he begins to develop his career path. Jordan can be found wearing a sweater in mid July because he is always cold, despite living in Miami.

Kelly Barrett Social Media

Kelly is a senior at Florida International University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and a minor in Public Relations. As part of the social media team, Kelly monitors accounts across all platforms, tracks engagement and implements social strategies. When she's not hashtagging on Twitter she's breaking it down on the dance floor, and frankly anywhere there's music.

Board of Directors

Yoav Cohen Chairman / Co-Founder

Yoav Cohen is a strategic entrepreneur with a successful career in the digital media space. He co-founded video ad platform TVGenesis and is also Co-Founder of Genesis Media, the VC-funded firm behind a new ContentUnlock program used by premium publishers and advertisers. Prior to founding TCG, Yoav founded Date.ca, an online dating platform that he later sold to Spark Networks (JDate.com), where he became Head of Business Development. He also co-founded WOMAN.ca, the largest women’s lifestyle site in Canada, before selling to Transcontinental Media. Yoav is formerly of Israeli Air Force Intelligence.

Joshua Feuer Co Founder

Josh Feuer is a digital product innovator and entrepreneur focused on building, operating and selling businesses in the digital publishing and ad technology space. He is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Genesis Media, a multi-million dollar VC-funded company at the helm of the ContentUnlock business. Josh was also Co-Founder and CEO of video ad platform TVGenesis, CEO of video-powered marketplace Shopflick.com and CEO and Co-Founder of WOMAN.ca before selling to Transcontinental Media. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University and a Masters in Epidemiology from the University of Toronto.

Josh Warmund Board Member

Josh Warmund is the Managing Partner and Founder of WarmundLaw, LLC, a full-service law firm dedicated to digital media and technology concerns. Josh is a trusted business and legal advisor in M&A, financing, joint ventures, corporate governance, adtech, software and content licensing, professional services, IP, employment matters, data security & privacy and other related concerns.  Previously, Josh served as Associate General Counsel at Infor Global Solutions, a multinational ERP software vendor, joining shortly after its initial start up.  In the course of 5 years, Josh helped support Infor’s growth from a start-up position to over 7000X growth in annual revenue, over 30 acquisitions, 70,000+ customers, a top 3 position in the global ERP space and a top 10 position in the global software space.  Prior to Infor, Josh practiced in New York City law firms, specializing in Media, IT and general corporate matters. In this capacity, he counseled on, advised and prepared a multitude of IT contracts and licenses,  M&A matters, joint ventures, U.S. and EMEA IP matters (both transactional and litigation), brokered venture and finance relationships for both U.S. and international clients and prepared various ’33, ’34 and ’40 Act filings.

Advisory Board

Laurie Clark President Satuit Consulting

Laurie Clark is responsible for U.S. and Canada sales. Laurie has held Executive Level positions in marketing, merchandising and business development for over 30 years.  Ms. Clark from 2002 to present has been the Principal of Satuit Consulting specializing in e-commerce, retail and manufacturing.  Ms. Clark has worked in all areas of the retail supply chain and has had direct responsibility for over $4.0 billion dollar P & L’s.  She has consulted to many top 100 retailers in the areas of merchandising, CRM, .com merchandising, acquisitions, marketing and advertising.  Ms. Clark also works with domestic and off-shore suppliers in the areas of business development, marketing and sales planning. Ms. Clark has successfully lead the development and implementation of Loyalty and Targeted Marketing programs for retailers in the entertainment industry since 2000.  Ms. Clark served as EVP of Merchandising & Marketing with Trans World Entertainment, a public company (symbol: TWMC) Retail industry and launched the companies first e-commerce site. Ms. Clark from 1994 to 2000 was employed by Staples, a public company (symbol: SPLS).  While at Staples she held positions of VP/DMM Supplies; VP Merchandising and Marketing, Contract & Commercial; SVP/GMM of Merchandising Retail and E-commerce. Ms. Clark holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts and attended the Harvard Business School.Ms. Clark has served on several boards including not for profit boards; School and Home Office Board and the Plymouth Plantation and Mayflower Trust Board.